Winegarden Studio is a full service decorative painting business serving residential and commercial properties. We specialize in faux-finishing and European plasters, and also do general painting, repair and cabinet restoration, as an option to replacement.

Our mission is to enhance and beautify surroundings

with quality designs that complement your environment and lifestyle.

We are committed to offer the highest level of service and client satisfaction.

Multi colored metallic (bronze, silver, copper & gold) were chosen to create this fresco style wall, a perfect accompaniment to the contemporary art and metal accents in this open dining/living space.The light reflections from the metallic casts magical shadows on everything in the room.

The perfect finish to your interior design project ~

Winegarden Studio elevates the concept of faux finishes to a level of artistry ~ decorative surface treatments far beyond sponging and rag rolling, basic textures that are typically associated with faux painting.

Whether your chosen finish is from a vast array of existing portfolio samples or custom crafted as a one-of-a-kind, it will be perfectly suited to fit your environment and lifestyle.

We understand how artistic surface embellishments can enhance and complete any interior design project.




Winegarden Studio is proud to offer creative solutions, CynthiaWinegardenWEBuncompromising service, quality of products and the highest level of professionalism.


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