A faux finishing aficionado, Cynthia creates fascinating finishes that will last, won’t give in to temperature fluctuations like other treatments can, and has the ability to become a beautiful focal point of a home or business.

Owner and operator of her business, Winegarden Studio, Cynthia, a Stockton native, attended the Faux Finishing Institute in Omaha, Nebraska, and regularly attends courses to stay updated in all the latest finishing techniques, traveling as far as Florida, Illinois, and Kansas to keep educating herself about the latest trends in faux finishing.

Cynthia enjoys learning new techniques and designs her own finishes as well. When she finds she is unable to pull a design from her vast repertoire to fit a client’s request ~ Cynthia simply creates a new design, such as her fossil finishes, metallic fresco, African leather and more.  One of Cynthia’s favorite finishing materials to work with is “wood icing” ~ She applies the wood icing with a cake knife, stamping objects or even materials such as cheese cloth to create interesting textures.

Cynthia offers her faux finishing services to anyone looking to add interest to a space, from nail salons and other businesses or commercial properties, to someone wanting a feature wall in their home, as well as finishing cabinets or pieces of furniture.  Customize your home or business and make it a place you love with faux finishes, courtesy Wingarden Studio and Cynthia’s vast experience, knowledge and expertise.


Contact Cynthia Winegarden for a quote ~

209.814.3014      LIC #950236